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What. I'd suggest you leave me alone unless you want to become my next altopsy preformed.

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by phenanthrene on TegakiE

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Art © Me
Ukraine, fem!Russia, Belarus © Himaruya
fem!Poland © unknown
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The girl got impressed when she heard the Belarusian, and smiled, starting to talk in her mother tongue

-(You can understand Lithuanian? You’re the first person that I meet that can speak Lithuanian!)

Natalia nodded once. While she wasn’t exactly as fluent as others might have been, she could hold a conversation in the language. “Mano sužadėtinis yra lietuvių. Turėjau daug metų mokytis kalbą.” She paused for a few seconds, looking the other over. “Koks tu?”

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[grins and looks around] [so many pretty things omg she can’t believe her cousin is getting married aaaahhh and she totes ask her to help her pick stuff] [she like barely met her cousin, but she’s already getting emotional]…… [sniffle]…. Uh… d-do you wanna start by looking at plates and silverwear?

[what is wrong with this girl] [stares at because wtf calm down Feliks] …Plates and silverware? [nods] That sounds like something we can look at for the time being.


Wha- I’m sorry for making you angry- it was only a suggestion, really!


Although…if you ever plan on it in the future, I’d be more than happy to support you. Hey, isn’t it fun to think of something like that once in awhile? That’s what imagination is for!

Support…me? [raises a brow]

How is it fun to imagine impossible and idiotic things? Think of something more fun…like a trip to Hawaii or something.

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Is it? [thinks] It’s a beautiful place, though not nearly as beautiful as Belarus.

Yes, it is. I heard Belarus is truly beautiful, but I have never visited it..

You’ve heard right. [shifts] You speak Lithuanian, no? Would you prefer a conversation in that?

Зэлоны дубочок / Zelony duboczok | Czeremszyna Todar



Time to bring in some dames.