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What. I'd suggest you leave me alone unless you want to become my next altopsy preformed.

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Why the hell are there so many different colors or green…

How she despised the heat. Everything seemed so much more irritating, the air clung to her skin, and worst of all, the citizens of New York City seemed to always be out in clusters. Whether it was tourists or just people out and enjoying this miserable weather, Natalia wanted nothing of it. 

But, seeing as it was impossible to avoid, and sitting in the air conditioning of her apartment wasn’t exactly an option, she had to venture out. That didn’t necessarily mean she was happy about it, but the moment she stepped into the ice cream parlor, she breathed a sigh. The cool refreshing air around her was a welcomed delight, even more so than the mint ice cream she had just ordered. 

With the small cup in her hands, her eyes scanned around the area for anywhere to sit. Since the weather had been so tremendously hot, cool places such as this were packed to the brim, and while the thought of sharing a table with someone was obscene to her, she had no other choice. She caught sight of a blonde, whom looked the less annoying out of the whole lot, and took the few steps to his table. 

"…Do you mind if I sit?"

The days had been long, and Natalia was exhausted. Not only had the morgue been working her to the bone, she rarely had enough time to do her usual routines in the morning. Thus, the hectic, tired look of a homeless person had been what she sported for most days. Today in particular, was rather rough, and as she finished the last check on the body in front of her, she so wished she could go home. A nice bath, and a good night’s sleep sounded spectacular at this point, but so far, far away. 

The Belarusian’s eyes peered up from the chart, noticing the figure standing just outside the windows of the morgue. From what she could tell, she was either in shock or completely lost. Which, wasn’t that uncommon. One would be surprised at just how many people could get lost and end up in the basement of the hospital. 

Deciding to take her first ten minute break, she took a couple steps forwards until she had approached the locked door. Once it had been opened, her eyes moved towards the woman. “…Either you’re looking for a dead body or lost. I’m willing to guess the latter.”



For umjanebalicq because I also couldn’t make her talksprites!
I tried to imitate the cover from Kyoko Okazaki’s manga Pink.



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by phenanthrene on TegakiE

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Art © Me
Ukraine, fem!Russia, Belarus © Himaruya
fem!Poland © unknown
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The girl got impressed when she heard the Belarusian, and smiled, starting to talk in her mother tongue

-(You can understand Lithuanian? You’re the first person that I meet that can speak Lithuanian!)

Natalia nodded once. While she wasn’t exactly as fluent as others might have been, she could hold a conversation in the language. “Mano sužadėtinis yra lietuvių. Turėjau daug metų mokytis kalbą.” She paused for a few seconds, looking the other over. “Koks tu?”

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